Bonuses from Casinos

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Playing in casinos are hobbies for a lot of people and a lot of casinos are available for heavy spenders. But to attract lots of gamblers to their casinos, they offer bonuses to new players and even loyal customers.

No Deposit

poker cardsAfter new accounts are opened to some casinos, they offer the no deposit bonus incentive. This bonus gives the new account holder the chance to play at the casino to any game without any kind of initial deposit done to their accounts. This bonus may vary from casino to casino. An example is that some casinos may offer free slot machine spins for opening a new account while others may offer double amount for initial deposits, like giving $100 dollars if the amount deposited is $50 dollars. Most of the time, this is offered to first time players and this offer is worth it.


This bonus is given to existing players at poker rooms in casinos. This incentive is similar to sign-up bonuses where the house gives a player a fixed percentage payment based on the player’s deposit. 15-20 percent is the amount range given from the player’s deposit and is normally up to $100 dollars. This bonus is made to get existing players to deposit more cash into their accounts. This bonus is good for existing and returning players as well.

High Betters

High bets are done by big time players. High betting players or is commonly called “high rollers”. They are given VIP treatments with hotel and casino area incentives as their bonuses. They are given special treatment like how a person is flying first class.

Extra Bonuses

This bonus is given in some casinos after players have deposited a specific amount of money in their accounts. This is how casinos reward players for the amount of money that they put in their accounts.

Referral Bonus

This bonus is offered commonly in online casinos to get more clients. This incentive gives existing the account holder’s bonuses for referring new accounts at their sites. The casino will reward existing players with cash bonuses after the referred accounts have made the initial cash deposits to the new accounts. Some casinos give a percentage of the referral’s initial deposit but other casinos have a fixed referral bonus amount.


A lot of casinos are offering various bonuses and incentives for all their clients. Make sure that we check the casinos for the bonuses they offer based on their websites.

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